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Aspen Electronics, Authorised Premium Distributor for Keysight Technologies

Keysight Components

Keysight RF & Microwave Test Accessories & Components

Aspen Electronics Ltd are the premium partner for the Keysight Technologies RF and Microwave Test Accessories range. The catalogue allows you to quickly and conveniently research their range of high quality RF and microwave test accessories.

These are the result of decades of innovation in creating the building blocks used in Keysight’s test and measurement products that have evolved into a broad line of RF and microwave test accessories, suitable for use in your test and measurement solutions. 

Products Include:

  • Adapters and Connectors.
  • Amplifiers.
  • Attenuators:
    • Fixed Attenuators.
    • Manual Step Attenuators.
    • Programmable Step Attenuators.
    • Attenuation Control Units.
    • Attenuator/Switch Drivers.
  • Active Differential Probes.
  • DC Blocks. 
  • Detectors:
    • Planar-Doped Barrier Diode Detector.
    • Low-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector.
    • Broadband Directional Detector.
  • Directional Couplers and Bridges.
  • Power Limiters.
  • Power Dividers and Splitters.
  • Solid State Switches:
    • P940xA/C Absorptive Solid State Switches.
    • 85331B and 85332B Solid State Switches.
  • Loads & Impedance Matching Pad:
    • Loads.
    • Impedance Matching Pad.
  • External Mixers.
  • Electromechanical Switches:
    • High Performance Switches Selection Guide.
    • High Performance SPDT Switches.
    • High Performance Bypass Switches.
    • High Performance Multiport Switches.
    • High Performance Transfer Switches.
    • High Performance Matrix Switches.
    • Low Cost Switches Selection Guide.
    • Low Cost SPDT Switches.
    • Low Cost Bypass Switches.
    • Low Cost Multiport Switches.
    • Low Cost Transfer Switches.
    • High Power SPDT Switches.