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The U3401A/U3402A Basic Digital Multimeter is to be Discontinued on December 1, 2017! - July 2017 keysight U3401A & U3402A models ending

Keysight will discontinue the U3401A/U3402A Benchtop Digital Multimeter on December 1, 2017. This product does not meet the IEC61010 3rd Edition High Energy Compliance Test and non-compliant products can only be shipped up until December 31, 2017.

The 34450A 5 ½ digit Digital Multimeter can be used a replacement.

Previous BenchVue Software “Pro” Models have been Discontinued! - July 2017

The BenchVue “Pro” app models; BV0001A through BV0012A, can not be ordered.

keysight old benchvue support series A models ending

These models ended with an “A” suffix and most have a direct “B” model replacement in new BenchVue 2017 versions.

The new B model apps enables users to connect and control their instruments without the need for programming and to build automated test sequences as easily as it is to use their front panel.

BenchVue 2017 is also offering a 35% off promotion until September 30 to encourage users to migrate.

If needed, users may still download and use the old no-cost BenchVue Platform (v3.7 and older) by visiting this website and clicking on the “Previous Versions” tab.

Note: The BenchVue Platform model number remains the same BV0000A (“A” version) and is still a no-cost download. All other BenchVue app models have been updated to “B” versions.

New BenchVue Support for USB Modular Instruments - June 2017keysight benchvue support

Keysight's BenchVue 2017 includes several new BenchVue apps for the U2300/U2500/U2600/U2700 Series of USB modular instruments.

The apps tremendously increase the number of products supported by BenchVue and provides a familiar user experience for customers.

These new USB modular instrument apps are available to customers at no cost and offer an optional upgrade that unlocks data-logging restrictions.

Contact us for more information, or download the BenchVue Software from Keysight

New "Universal Counter BenchVue App" Release - November 2016

The "Universal Counter" app in BenchVue software allows users to control their universal counters (53210A, 53220A, 53230A) with ease and intuitive controls that have become a hallmark of BenchVue applications.

This new BenchVue app enables counter users to determine stability over time in just a few clicks.  The "Universal Counter" app has a free version that is very capable, whilst the Pro version of the app is an optional upgrade that unlocks even more capabilities.


Download the BenchVue Universal Counter app today.

Major BenchVue Software Release - Coming Soon - 27th May 2016

Coming at the end of June 2016, is the new BenchVue version 3.5 release. Highlights include new apps that support counters, FieldFox, signal generators, and others. In addition, Keysight's test automation app, BenchVue Test Flow, will include some major new advances as well.

For example: Imagine running a simple test where an oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer/network analyzer measures a failing condition. Now imagine the ability to automatically get the screen capture or trace capture from that scope and view the results without any instrument programming.

Source Measure Units Target Battery - Driven Product Power Optimisation  - 17th June 2015

Keysight Technologies have added two source/measure units (SMUs), that feature dynamic current measurement, to it's N6700 Series Modular Power Systems - the N6785A two-quadrant SMU for battery drain analysis and the N6786A two-quadrant SMU for functional test.  Both SMUs provide power output up to 80W.

These SMUs expand the N6780A Series SMU family by offering up to four times more power than the previous models.  The new models offer sourcing, measurement and analysis to help engineers deliver the best possible battery life in their devices.  The N6785A and N6786A SMUs allow engineers to test devices that require current up to 8A, such as tablets, large smart-phones (known as phablets), police/military handheld radios and components of these devices.  The N6780A Series SMUs elimiate the challenges of measuring dynamic currents with a feature called seamless measurement ranging.  With seamless measurement ranging, engineers can precisely measure dynamic currents without any glitches or disruptions to the measurement.  As the current drawn by the device under test (DUT) changes, the SMU automatically detects the change and switches to the current measurement range that will reutrn the most precise measurement.  When combined with the SMUs built-in 18-bit digitiser, seamless measurement ranging enables effective vertical resolution of (in the region of) 28-bits.  This capability allows users to visualise current drain from nano-Amps in one pass.


An Insight into Thermal Imaging Cameras - 12th June 2015

Thermal Imaging Cameras are not new - they have been around since the late 1960’s.  Back then it could take an hour to produce a single image, but thankfully just about everything about them has changed now - not only their performance but also their size, portability and price.  Charlie McClelland, Keysight Product Specialist at Aspen Electronics Ltd, gives an overview of how thermal imaging cameras have become very useful.

They have recently become much more affordable for so manymore applications, and in turn their use saves money by showing things not visible to the naked eye – things that if not corrected, would result in unexpected failure with all the associated costs.

A Thermal Imaging Camera is a specialist device that instantly (in real time) shows the temperature of whatever it is being pointed at, with a resulting image using different colours to indicate differing temperatures of the item being viewed. They should not be confused with IR (Infrared) thermometers. An IR thermometer only takes a single “point” measurement, which is then displayed on a screen as anumber.  A thermal imager can be thought of as many thousands of “IR thermometers”, all working inparallel, with each one showing a coloured dot according to temperature.

What can be seen with the naked eye compared to what can be seen using a thermal imaging camera.

A Thermal Imager can be used to monitor almost anything, from the human body showing unusual temperatures that could indicate a health problem that requires further investigation; to detecting dampness and heat loss in parts of a building; to understanding thermal characteristics of anything that moves and creates friction – bearings in machinery, fluid in pipelines, components on a circuit board, cable connections, fuse-boards, in fact for any way that we use, move and transform electricity. Each application has a thermal story to tell, which when interpreted correctly provides insight into how corrective actions and efficiencies can be made and managed in order to save money. Once the problem is solved a second “good” thermal image can be taken and added to the documentation audit trail.

In one case a poorly installed washing machine on the 3rd floor of a block of flats was leaking down the outside wall behind the plastic facia, causing dampness in the flats below. Without a thermal imager this would probably not be noticed until mould was growing inside, and even then the source would be baffling. Without the imager it could only be seen by erecting scaffolding and removing the entire plastic fascia until the source of the leak could be located – time consuming and expensive. In another example, a company’s fuseboard had a particular circuit that drew more current than it was rated for. It caused overheating, but not enough to trip the fuse/circuit breaker. A visual inspection would reveal nothing, but if left without attention it could have led to a fire with catastrophic results.

Having a Thermal Imager means you can diagnose faults, at a very cost-effective price, before they become expensive problems and know exactly what needs to be fixed without invasive investigation. However, choose a product carefully, like a Keysight TrueIR from Aspen Electronics who can advise and provide a demonstration or a loan unit so that you can “try before you buy”.

Click Here for more information on Thermal Imagers.

New Keysight Summer-Autumn Catalogue Available for Download - 5th June 2015

Keysight's new Summer-Autumn Catalogue is available to download now in PDF format (file size: 2.83MB. If you would like a hard copy of the current catalogue, please Click Here and we'll be happy to send you a copy in the post.

Aspen at National Electronics Week - 30th January 2015

Come and see us at Stand 606 at this years National Electronics Week, where we will be giving demonstrations throughout the day on our latest product ranges, both in Test Equipment and Components.

Test Equipment:  One of the featured demonstrations will be the Compare Scopes, 3 Second Trigger, where we show just how fast the latest Keysight 3000T Scope can trigger on faults, using nothing more than your finger.  See us compare the 3000T to other industry standard scopes and witness just how well the new 6-in-1 3000T scope compares to it's rivals.