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Aspen Electronics, Authorised Premium Distributor for Keysight Technologies


Oscilloscope Model Comparison Chart

Keysight provide the best range of oscilloscopes, from the robust hand-held to the 12.1” touch screen 4000 X-series and have been doing so for more than 75 years. With Aspen as their Premium partner, they are continually looking for new ways to help you shape the future with innovative products and test solutions, from high performance to extreme value.  Whatever your requirement, Aspen can provide an oscilloscope solution to meet your evolving needs.


  U1600 Series U2700 Series 1000 X-Series 2000 X-Series
Best For: Mobile, Away
from mains
High Density, Modular, Rack Mounted Entry Level,
Budget Scope
Quality Device for Education
Bandwidth: 20-200MHz 100-200MHz 50-100MHz 70-200MHz
Channels: 2 2 2 2, 2+8, 4, 4+8
Sample Rate: Up to 2 GSa/s Up to 1 GSa/s Up to 2 GSa/s Up to 2 GSa/s
Memory Depth: Up to 2 Mpts 32 Mpts, Std. Up to 1 Mpts 100 kpts, Std.
Up to 1 Mpts, Opt. 
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  6000 X-Series 3000T X-Series 4000 X-Series 6000 L-Series
  Keysight 6000 X-Series
Best For: High Performance Latest Tech,
Touch Screen 
R & D High Performance
Manufacturing tests
Bandwidth: 1GHz - 6GHz 100MHz-1GHz 200MHz-1.5GHz 100MHz-1GHz
Channels: 2, 2+16, 4, 4+16 2, 2+16,4, 4+16 2, 2+16,4, 4+16 4, 16
Sample Rate: Up to 20 GSa/s Up to 5 GSa/s Up to 5 GSa/s Up to 4 GSa/s
Memory Depth: 4 Mpts
2 Mpts, Std.
Up to 4 Mpts, Opt. 
4 Mpts, Std. 8 Mpts, Std.
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